Glances from Over the Shoulder

Sideview Mirror

Spouses, romantic interests, children, friends, money, secret proclivities, and/or the desire to actualize are all salient features that propels us to the height of euphoria or conversely to the depths of the despair. We wake each day to start anew with the aspirations to do or be better than the reflection of self that we were the day before. Some of us actively consider ourselves from this point of view while others, are completely unware of this implicit desire to actually land on that elusive sweet spot. We have all been a party to that moment, when you take a deep breath, and swing with an inexplicable feeling of assuredness where all else falls away.  Somewhere toward the end of the arc of travel, we forget everything and imagine our success in striking the intended target with a degree of precision, that forcefully summons up that sound that is welcomed by all…  the sound of striking the “the sweet-spot”. When we attain it, all ears are unwittingly attuned to the recognition of that special frequency that propels them to cheer, celebrate, and/or applaud with an autonomous synchronicity that evokes the feeling of euphoria from the chief constituent of that moment. However, these moments in all their glory has an incidental or situational nemesis whose best intentions can be antithetical to your moment of truth.

We all have needs, desires, and the like that requires the involvement and/or perspective of others to bear fruit. However, in our quest for happiness, we overlook the things that require our attention out of habit, lack of knowledge, lack of experience, and/or personal bias. We all have things in our lives that drives us to achieve and wrap our hands around happiness for self and others. We tend to miss those things that require our attention, because our laser-focus results in our failing to readjust our priorities and an important cog in the machine falls out of alignment. Sometimes we see it happening and hope for the best, but other times we completely miss it, but in either case we find ourselves plummeting and in need of a renewed perspective. We are all vehicles on a superhighway rushing toward whatever we perceive is at the other end. We adjust the rearview mirror for the occasional glance. We take a considerable amount of time adjusting the side mirrors to ensure that we can change lanes when others are stopped ahead or failing to match our pace. We sometimes read the signs that say: falling rocks, insecurity, slippery-when-wet, heartbreak, 15 mph in the curve, broken-promises, bridge ices before road, and etcetera, but sometimes we find that the road ahead is wide-open and we become oblivious to the signs. We change lanes mechanically by checking the rearview and side mirrors.  Then, out of nowhere, as fate would have it, we smash into another complacent traveler. In those moments, you realize that the whole thing could have been avoided if you had only taken a moment to glance over your shoulder and briefly look for the person or thing that was traveling smoothly and aspirationally right along with you in your “blind spot”.

~Zenandtruth #Heavys_joint