6 a.m.


Thinking of when I last existed beneath you, your lips were pressed against mine. The fruits that were plucked from your bush rests as a honey sweet nectar upon my glistening smile.



The hour grows later and later

A result of tireless minutes ticking by

Her face, her voice, her ethereal frame

Are relentless late night companions

In the darkness of my bedroom

Elusive slumber cowers in the darkness

In a race against a glowing sunrise

I pull the covers high over my head

Alas, I greet the day under the weight of

A trail of restless footsteps across my mind

In a crowded room, I embrace my solitude

From thin air and jumbled thoughts

She materialized in the doorway

In a rush, a cascade of thoughts slam

Against the forefront of my mind

An avalanche of images wash over me

Our eyes meet… I see that she knows

And suddenly she is swept away

Red Pill Philosophies – 11-9-14

For most of my adult life I’ve heard women on three continents express their disdain for the behaviors of “some men”. However, they generalize the behaviors they dislike as a condition that affects ALL men. Nowadays, the same rhetoric is littering the floors and representing itself as graffiti on the walls of social networks. Our precious flowers (women) are exposing their thorns as they learn that the men they are interested in have competing interests with those they idealize. They then become incensed/angry when the man won’t do what they want him to do in order to fit into the box they have prepared for him. They say, “He is not a real man”. The bottom line is: people are just people. Some people have adapted perfectly to conforming to the expected standards of others. Some people are driven by their own personal interests as a way of defining themselves for themselves or believing that is what it takes to live their lives fully or out-loud. We meet people at various intersections in their lives. We don’t know what sights or experiences they were met with on their journey/path before it intersected with yours. Just because you’re ready to take a new route as your journey has suggested for you, doesn’t mean they are ready to follow your lead just yet.

I charge all men and women to carefully discern who they invite on their journey. All the power remains with the individual. If he or she doesn’t “fit” in that moment in time, then let them travel on. They may be ready for your brand of living later in their travels. In the meanwhile, we can’t get angry due to a person taking their finger and poking holes into the walls of the tiny little box made of paper mâché that the other has created for them and demanded they like it (today, tomorrow and forever). Understanding and embracing these truths is how we live an authentic (real) life. These truths are the hymn of the real (authentic) man / woman. This however, does not lend any support to the concept of, “He/She is not doing what I believe he should be doing right now, so he/she is not a real man/woman.” The “Real” men/women should be able to discern the differences for themselves. It is incumbent upon each individual to be responsible for themselves. When you have happiness, don’t choose to give it away to a person not ready to nurture it. Make a different choice.

“Reality is imbedded in the language you chose to use to describe your view of the world.”

Classically Composed Beauty

This is something that I was inspired to write years earlier. Now that I read it again, it’s like my first time seeing it. I was so surprised at myself, I figured I had better share this one in hopes of my readers/followers enjoying it as much as I did when I wrote it.

Her unrivaled beauty is cast over her shoulder in a playful glance as her swaying hips widened the distance between our last kiss.

Her legs possessing curves that can be only explained by magic and miracles, teased my excited eyes and beckoned my footsteps in an inevitable and hurried pursuit.

Her flowing crimson sundress masked the richness of her hips as the gentle breeze flowed between her thighs carrying her perfume back to meet my stare, reigniting images born under last evening’s moonlight and warmed by the morning sun.

I am left standing in awe, straddling a mental divide unsure of which attributes are imagined and which are firmed rooted in a world in which she is Governess.

The whole of her is reminiscent of a classical composition that cannot be explained, but solely experienced. She must me sampled with the eyes, ears and the heart at once to be fully appreciated.

My personal flight of fantasy is further exaggerated in realm of the fantastic as she disappears around the fast approaching corner, but not before she flashes a perfect smile that nudges me unrecoverably over the edge.

I am rousted from my slumber wearing a startled expression. I reach out to her as I whisper her name into the stillness. There is movement next to me and I feel her hands cup my face. A gentle kiss finds my lips and instantly my dreams are nestled in the lap of reality.

The Reign of Error…

The Reign of Error…

I find that I am often the spectator or the participant observer in most conversations that I engaged in. I have found that a riveting conversation that propels me into a place of circumspection or introspection has quickly become my favorite pastime. In many casual conversations I often come across a common theme. I find that men and women often complain about the difficulty in effectively communicating with each other. One side is indicted as one who delves too deeply into a particular point of view or the one who refuses to look beyond the superficial. In either case the end result is most likely an argument (crazy-making debate). Personally, I believe we should spend more effort convincing ourselves that the other has a functional ineptitude that they will grow out of, but our role is to ensure that they don’t cause harm to themselves in the meanwhile.

Research has proven that men and women communicate differently. Men tend to state the facts and share information that has a functional purpose. This is what is referred to a “report talking”. Women on the other hand share in a manner that solicits support, develops the relationship, or relate events of personal importance to polarize the listener toward their own point of view. This is referred to as “rapport-talk”. This dynamic between women often devolve into a type of social misbehavior and conformity with false majority judgments. In the past week, I was having a healthy debate with two women that turned into a verbal joust in which all logic was summarily stamped out. One of women made a comment regarding personal pride. I chose to explain my position and attempted to share an example of what I defined as personal pride while staying within the context of the original subject. Then right before my eyes, those two women were spurred into action by the utterance of “one word” while offering no allegiances to the spirit in which the conversation started. They then preceded to whoop, holler and high-five each other. I could feel the look of shock on my face, as I could not make ANY sense of what was happening in that moment. I quickly stepped back (cognitively) and took a spectator’s point-of-view and I immediately erupted into laughter and exited the room. Neither woman truly understood what I was thinking, but it didn’t matter. I understood my actions enough for the both of them. I also feel that I grew an inch. It didn’t matter whether or not anyone polarized the other toward his or her side of the debate. In my heart of hearts, I knew that tomorrow’s sunrise would breed a renewed reign or error and I would never again be the victim of such folly.


These writings are in no way designed to undermine the perception or quality of those of the female persuasion that fancy themselves a respectable interlocutor. I simply chose a snapshot in time that related to my own experiences to use as fodder for the purpose of perpetuating the development of my experience as a brand-new blogger. I hope that this edition of my publishing choice will serve to generate interesting comments to debate the issue and serve to join both sides in a place I’ll refer to as a yet-to-be discovered common ground.

The Thinker and the Prover are Often One In the Same

The Thinker and the Prover are Often One In the Same

Every individual is an institution. We learn what works for us from birth through our caregivers, from those that we learn to respect and/or hold in high regard. We learn to successfully navigate the pitfalls of life by appropriately applying what we believe operates in our best interests. Each time we have any measure of success using the tools that have collected over our lives, those tools are then made permanent. We apply them over and over effortlessly without fail. Once we reach the level where modern society categorically bestows the title of adulthood on us, we then assume ourselves to be experts in the craft of “living life”. We live blissfully until we meet another person that questions our approach. These persons can potentially undermine our credibility and cause the institutions that we have built over our lifetime to crumble around our feet. We will fight tooth and nail not to allow anything to permeate the “Bullshit (BS)” that we have learned to subscribe to over our entire lives. Instead of applying to our lives that which we ultimately understand to be endowed by truth or logic, we will often weave new information into the brand of BS that we subscribe to in an effort to fortify the institution we have became accustomed to living within. In this instance we stop connecting with those around us who care about us and are interested or inclined to make us better. Self-improvement at this point is outside of our grasp.

I was recently exposed to a book that I’d heard quite a bit about. The book is entitled “Prometheus Rising”, written by Robert Anton Wilson. It’s an exploration in the workings of the human mind and how to get the most out of yours. He offers a point of view where he states, “Whatever the Thinker Thinks, The Prover Will Prove”. This is an explanation in a few words that expresses the simplicity in which we manage to curtail our own intellectual growth and become the impetus for discord in relationships whether professional, personal or romantic. If a person believes that they are correct in their beliefs about any situation and another person chooses to shatter your perceptions by offering another point of view, the individual will circle the wagons to ensure they protect themselves and their institution from the likes of you. They will continue to assume their infallibility (illogical thinking), because their approach has worked thus far in every other situation with overwhelming similarity. They will seek to prove you’re the one who is wrong so, their approaches will remain sound and therefore protect the institution. This is necessary from the individual prospective, because the psyche cannot take a blow that will open up their personal history of problem solving to outside scrutiny. After all, the first law of Nature is “self-preservation”.


An Offer of What Remains…

In those grotesque moments when your mind is ablaze and swirling in a firestorm unleashed by matters of the heart

Your heart that was once protected in her hands has been broken into millions of disintegrated pieces and being boiled by the acid in your stomach

Your words have retreated to their origins and abandoned your interests of expressing yourself to the one who holds the key to your joy, in a manner worthy of her understanding

The only thing that remains, is a simple gesture, to reach out to her and hope that she responds in kind