The Space In Between

Here it is once again that I find myself having not written anything that I’ve found personally meaningful in what can only be characterized as being a really long time. However, today, I find a thought churning in my mind. This thought is churning and building gale force winds that is shaking and loosening things that were battened down and settled in my brain long ago. 
I hear people speak of what is right and wrong and how they battle with what they want and need in relation to what others want and need. The battle rages and the casualties are piling so high, it’s difficult to see where you came from, or where you’re going. The battle rages on and is threatening to become a full scale war. The left and the right are in permanent opposition and there you are in the space between the two. You run, dodge, duck, and sometimes hide in an effort to reduce the chances of you, yourself becoming a casualty of your own environment. 

The perils that exist at one end of the spectrum versus the other can erode your patience, your hope, and leave you feeling that all is lost. Then out of the cloudy gray sky a single ray of sunshine breaks through, carried upon the words of another, reminding you of what you should have realized for yourself. There is a way to calm your tumultuous existence by honoring the variables that lie about. You’re reminded to use the variables to solve the problems for “X” and live happily ever after in “The Space Between”. 

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