Weeping Expressions

My name parts, caresses her lips in a way that feels like a kiss upon her own mouth

Pursuing words originate in a place, neighboring secrets unfamiliar to the light of day

A beckoning finger awakens passions, sparks a flame that was but a smoldering idea

Erratic breaths carry sounds of a whimper with aspirations of becoming a scream

Her sobriquet too, is whispered, then dipped back into her sweet weeping expression

Our lips, firmly pressed together, my thoughts shrouded in her strawberry bouquet

Nearing the crescendo and at the height of her barely upright and trembling posture…

Again, I hear her… whispering my name, but in a way unlike she has ever done before

…to be continued

One thought on “Weeping Expressions

  1. Her reply,
    I knew the time would come to put it all out there. I watched patiently as you lived your life without me in it. I knew the day would come that my dreams would no longer just be in my mind, but a vivid fantasy that could now be explored while you explore the once unexplored mountains of stillness and the moistened hills of ecstasy that encompassed every thought that one could have without ever uttering a single word. The world so full of rules and regulations that she only wanted to be released from and now with one stroke she is free.
    Her soft and subtle parts, lines up perfectly with your rock hard outspoken expressions. She released her inhibitions into your embrace never doubting her decision to allow you inside deep into her soul….deeper into her cave, that was once so dormant but had been awakened from the once hibernated state that will no longer be her truth because….you are here now… real, no longer just a dream but that fantasy that could now be explored….
    Explosions like waves crashing, slippery like black ice on a winter’s ground, warm like fudge on a sundae that is sticky and slippery and oh so tempting as it melts going past the lips and slides down the tongue. Toes curl, sweat drops, heart racing, it is real, it is no longer a dream but that fantasy that is now her truth…


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