Red Pill Philosophies – 11-9-14

For most of my adult life I’ve heard women on three continents express their disdain for the behaviors of “some men”. However, they generalize the behaviors they dislike as a condition that affects ALL men. Nowadays, the same rhetoric is littering the floors and representing itself as graffiti on the walls of social networks. Our precious flowers (women) are exposing their thorns as they learn that the men they are interested in have competing interests with those they idealize. They then become incensed/angry when the man won’t do what they want him to do in order to fit into the box they have prepared for him. They say, “He is not a real man”. The bottom line is: people are just people. Some people have adapted perfectly to conforming to the expected standards of others. Some people are driven by their own personal interests as a way of defining themselves for themselves or believing that is what it takes to live their lives fully or out-loud. We meet people at various intersections in their lives. We don’t know what sights or experiences they were met with on their journey/path before it intersected with yours. Just because you’re ready to take a new route as your journey has suggested for you, doesn’t mean they are ready to follow your lead just yet.

I charge all men and women to carefully discern who they invite on their journey. All the power remains with the individual. If he or she doesn’t “fit” in that moment in time, then let them travel on. They may be ready for your brand of living later in their travels. In the meanwhile, we can’t get angry due to a person taking their finger and poking holes into the walls of the tiny little box made of paper mâché that the other has created for them and demanded they like it (today, tomorrow and forever). Understanding and embracing these truths is how we live an authentic (real) life. These truths are the hymn of the real (authentic) man / woman. This however, does not lend any support to the concept of, “He/She is not doing what I believe he should be doing right now, so he/she is not a real man/woman.” The “Real” men/women should be able to discern the differences for themselves. It is incumbent upon each individual to be responsible for themselves. When you have happiness, don’t choose to give it away to a person not ready to nurture it. Make a different choice.

“Reality is imbedded in the language you chose to use to describe your view of the world.”

5 thoughts on “Red Pill Philosophies – 11-9-14

    1. Thank you for your comments and your support. I really hope that my writings can plant seeds to spark conversation and expose windows that allows for new ways of viewing the world.

  1. I think this expresses a problem many people can say they have. Sometimes we’re so eager to attach ourselves to someone that we overlook their true self. We can be quick to idealize a person without fully understanding who they are, taking the liberty to fill in their gaps with our own expectations. Of course, we can’t always fault a person for this. Not everyone is quick to show their true self, and being unapologetically upfront about everything you believe in doesn’t always happen. It should – things would be far less complicated that way. But alas.

    It’s also important to remember that with regards to relationships – sometimes it’s the right people but the wrong time. We all grow at different paces, so our ways of thinking aren’t always on par together. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t ever be.

    1. Excellent points. Not everyone shows their true selves, because there are not many who would stretch themselves enough to understand or embrace the differences. It’s more comfortable to create that which we think we need to see in others and hold them to the standard of reflecting our needs 24/7. Then we become comfortable with the charade. When the other party gets tired of living the lie and reclaim their individualism, they are punished, called deceptive and cast away. We’re all shaped by our experiences and I agree that sometimes we’re just at different places in our journey and unaware of the fact that we need to stretch more in specific areas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

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