Classically Composed Beauty

This is something that I was inspired to write years earlier. Now that I read it again, it’s like my first time seeing it. I was so surprised at myself, I figured I had better share this one in hopes of my readers/followers enjoying it as much as I did when I wrote it.

Her unrivaled beauty is cast over her shoulder in a playful glance as her swaying hips widened the distance between our last kiss.

Her legs possessing curves that can be only explained by magic and miracles, teased my excited eyes and beckoned my footsteps in an inevitable and hurried pursuit.

Her flowing crimson sundress masked the richness of her hips as the gentle breeze flowed between her thighs carrying her perfume back to meet my stare, reigniting images born under last evening’s moonlight and warmed by the morning sun.

I am left standing in awe, straddling a mental divide unsure of which attributes are imagined and which are firmed rooted in a world in which she is Governess.

The whole of her is reminiscent of a classical composition that cannot be explained, but solely experienced. She must me sampled with the eyes, ears and the heart at once to be fully appreciated.

My personal flight of fantasy is further exaggerated in realm of the fantastic as she disappears around the fast approaching corner, but not before she flashes a perfect smile that nudges me unrecoverably over the edge.

I am rousted from my slumber wearing a startled expression. I reach out to her as I whisper her name into the stillness. There is movement next to me and I feel her hands cup my face. A gentle kiss finds my lips and instantly my dreams are nestled in the lap of reality.

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