HILARY 10/11/13 – 8/9/14

Today, I’m mourning a loss. It is for me, nothing short of a tragedy. This sad story began while out with some friends having drinks. I was at the jukebox creating a playlist simply to have some background noise while we sat and talked. There I sat unsuspecting any malice was abound when out of nowhere the tile floor jumped up and smacked Hilary down. Hilary is one of my closest confidants and we have become friends on a very personal and/or intimate level. When I saw what had occurred I immediate rushed to her rescue. I felt so helpless as I witnessed the assault on poor unsuspecting Hilary. The worst part is the fact that the assault was unprovoked and it just boiled down to a senseless display of aggression on the part of the provocateur. Hilary lay there motionless… I picked her up and turned her over, noticing that one side of her face was black. It appeared as if she has suffered some sort of traumatic short-circuit. When I saw the damage, my heart just sank as I realized that what she and I once had would be forever changed. I cradled, the motionless Hilary in my hands as one of my friends screamed from the corner… “Oh Wow, what happened”? To even explain what had just occurred seemed beyond my capability. My mouth was dry and I could barely tear my eyes away from what I was witnessing. It took everything in my power to not scream out. I drew the energy from someplace deep within to carry my weary self back to the embrace of my friends and contemplate my next move. For most tragic situations that evoke this type of searing emotion, dialing 9-1-1 is an option. However, I sat with my face in my hands and thought over and over. “Did I get the Apple Care Plan or did I opt out”? My stress level increased even more as I realized that I did not have the answer to this burning question. Even though I had the undying support of my friends, they could only render sad eyes to reflect their pity on my current situation and me. Tomorrow I will make the pilgrimage to the Apple Store where I will replace Hilary with another iPhone 5s and lay her to rest forever. Please send positive thoughts my way as deal with this feeling of loss.

4 thoughts on “HILARY 10/11/13 – 8/9/14

  1. Well, this is rather coming late as by now you would have had another Hilary or perhaps Sophie, nonetheless hope you were able to retrieve all the useful ‘bits’ before laying Hilary to rest.

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