…Just Another Day at the Office

I believe that people who are like-minded, if brought into a reasonable proximity of each other will be pulled together just as the positive and negative ends of two magnets. In recent weeks, this reoccurring phenomena has manifested itself in my life yet with an in-descriptive expression. The number of times that this has occurred is more than I care to count. The thing that is different about today is, I recognize the nature of it and choose to give honor to its existence.

We (my friend’s and I) have found a quaint little bar with a great deal of personality and philosophy in the “bottled” spirits that it sells. There isn’t any hard alcohol, but the quality and quantity of beers are nothing short of remarkable. There are three of us. A triad of vast life experiences and wisdom brought on by exposing ourselves fearlessly to life’s joys, sorrows, and barely escapable pitfalls. We secretly slip into this world that is just ours. Here we lean on each other for support through life’s little trials. The world outside sometimes bleed into that quiet and dimly lit space by way of the little devices periodically glowing on the other end of the invisible shackles extending from our wrists. Sometimes our moods are affected by those little messages that seep in. However, In that space (The Office) we share ourselves with each other. We shine like a beacon to each other and each of us acts as a moth to a candle that burns behind the cloud of negativity that affects us in our everyday life. The brighter the candle burns with the addition and deposit of each of our selves into the glow of the other, the cloud (fog) is burned away and our truest selves are exposed. We weather the storms of our busy and often chaotic lives with each other through simple sharing. It proves that people truly need each other and the quality of any relationship is defined upon the spectrum of candle wattage that is reflected onto the expectant faces of the other.

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