Gone In 60 Seconds… (devil in the details)

IMG_8901Quick steps… are her companions, heels clicking, echoing the sound of pride

Laying waste to monochromatic thoughts, taking residence where she did not previously reside

My breath quickened, synchronizing with the colorful rhythm of her purposeful pace
Tenacious glances, akin to reckless deviance registering across my face
Mesmerized, minutes tiptoeing quietly by, never once achieving acknowledgment by me
Hips sashay with dangerous curves, rivaled only by the corners of a curious smile to be
Hem of her miniskirt riding high above her thighs, fluent at sarcasm and profanity
A bachelors thoughts blazoned across my mind, stretching the fabric of my own sanity
I, curious pupil aiming for honor roll status, studying unspoken words of the master teacher
With perfect pitch/diction, she rounds the corner with an over the shoulder glance…
Disappearing into my past, leaving me a spectator in my own mind’s own little aluminum bleacher

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