GROUPTHINK – a pattern of thought characterized by self-deception, forced manufacture of consent, and conformity to group values and ethics.

We must be discerning with whom we align ourselves with in terms of friends and acquaintances. The more we relate to those that are without the ability to challenge us and are seemingly a reflection of ourselves, the more accepting we become of their opinions and behaviors. In this state is where we are most reluctant to learn and therefore we force ourselves not to grow. As we join ourselves to them, we become more trusting and lose sight of that which is most detrimental… our singular identity. It perfectly acceptable to find comfort in those that are like-minded, but to avoid the failure of not growing personally, you must challenge those around you to grow continuously while also expecting your efforts to be vigorously and equally reciprocated. As we all endeavor to grow the person that we were yesterday into a person strong and prepared for tomorrow, we must remember that variety in your circle of friends and acquaintances will serve to offer varying perspective and real life learning that will shape the voice that we use to speak affirmations to ourselves. Willfully or unwittingly choosing to experience life surrounded by those that agree with us without wavering and those that support our flights of fancy will reduce us to life on a hamster wheel, beleaguered with recurring and familiar conundrums. We must grasp your individual identity while avoiding the rigidity of having an unwavering point of view, echoed by our chosen brand of “Yes Men”. This is the place where loyal takes the place of love and “Group Think” is born.
Archie - Groupthink

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