“War Within…”

Eyes closed in retaliation to the maddening thoughts threatening the sanity that was once taken for granted.

Heartbeat racing to meet the pulse’s tireless rhythm. Ears drawn to the harmony of her hastening footsteps announcing the arrival of perfect legs, intoxicating backside and honey-sweet smile.
Recently memories and events haunt the thoughts of a trepidatious “Me” causing an amnesic effect and losing grip on what was once imagined as perfect.
Real or imagined actions defines her character as I peer over the edge into darkness and the unknown. Fond memories of yesteryear are like the wind pushing at my back, threatening to destroy what once was and that which can be. My spirit is darkened, but thirsty… reaches out toward her familiar whisper that ferries her gentle words to me.
My arms extended toward her, hands balled into fists like that of warring pugilists, striking out against the passing minutes until a final decision is announced.
Flames in my chest burn… fueled by confusion and silent rage. Anger, unrelenting… disarmed by a simple, but sweet and ethereal smile. Hearts remained intertwined, ushering us back toward desires for each other.
Finally, our fingers touch and breathing becomes erratic. Hearts are thundering as her hand reaches inside of my reluctant grasp. We hold on to each other for dear life as tears race down our cheeks because more than anything we know we need each other.

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